About Acid Attacks

Acid attacks have shocked the conscience of our nation again and again with mutilated faces and families driven to bankruptcy supporting recovery costs .

Acid attacks are not something unheard of in India it is possibly the worst infliction on another human leading to complete debilitation , loss of income and opportunity and it can happen to anyone anytime .


85% of victims are women , so acid attack can overwhelmingly be classified as gender violence as well . It is one of the most violent crimes against women .


I felt crystalized clear after I saw women who survived acid attacks. I  got injected with a new type of energy and began to plan every detail to activate this project such as listening to their traumas, being able to help them psychologically and medically by promoting skin banking as these survivors require many surgeries in a year. Seeing these faces having hope again truly nourished my soul and by letting others know that there is help and that they are not alone. 

These women are the heart of the entire project fueled by my passion for fashion. ARA LUMIÈRE was born. ARA , A Latin word which means ornament, will be adorning women's hair in a opulent & lavish fashion.


Limited pieces of handmade head accessories made by these survivors from the finest sourced products using exotic feathers and vintage brooches on ethnic fabrics such as Lamé, chinois satin velvet Indian raw silk, khadi & silk from Joel & son london ... that are very comfortable to wear in a modern yet chic way with 100% proceedings to this project.


These head accessories are not just merely ornaments, it is a personal expression of these women's ideas and beliefs. A celebration of what it means to be fashionable in a manner that accentuates the most stylish version of yourself. I am the pillar of this project in which it stands on but these women are the crowning glory other women will wear. This is a chance for us to honor these women who deserve it so rightly.



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