The SS 20 collection is centered on the concept of ‘Resilience’ a term often synonymous with toughness highlighting the ability of the survivors to cope with crisis and rebuild their lives with endless strength.

Six of the world’s oldest living plants that have lived for millions of years and remain unchanged despite severe changes in climatic system are chosen as a metaphor to portray and celebrate the resilient lives of our survivors. The roots, leaves, stems, flowers and fruit of the chosen six plants from the basis for the accessory patterns. Each of the patterns was hand painted by the survivors during an art therapy workshop held in May 2019. During this time they also wrote heartfelt letters in their language (Kannada and Hindi) as a therapeutic exercise highlighting the hardships they have been through and what changes they would like to see in the society in the future. The painted patterns and handwritten letters were sensitively amalgamated to form patterns for SS 20 collection. They are painted on ethically sourced fabric called Ahimsa (meaning non-violence in Hindi) silk that is a sustainable and non-violent alternative to traditional silk.!


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