The Spring Summer ‘21 edition Ara Lumiere was unveiled at the first ever digital Milan Fashion Week, taking us to a dimension where timelessness exists, where springs bloom ceaselessly. Showcased through a short film shot in a lush green forest. 


The collection featuring embroidered bucket hats in sheer organzas and taffetas handcrafted and hand embroidered with love by the brave survivors of acid attacks. Each piece carefully and laboriously made sustaining barriers of time, society and stereotypes. Light fabrics and embroidered daisies in varied colours decorate the hats and silhouettes while a palette of reds and neutrals take cue of the seasonal relevance of blooming fresh. 


*KHONMINAM* (Flower + Boy) where we tap into a new, softer masculinity in a genderful way. The hats are made in supple fabrics keeping in mind a non restrictive gender use given the unbiased silhouette of each piece. 
Acid attack survivors of Hothur Foundation have worked relentlessly inspite of their domestic and personal incapacitations during the trying times the world has been facing. To be able to give an output so lovingly has been nothing less than glorifying to them and to us. 
Presenting Ara Lumiere X Dhruv Kapoor SS’21 at the Milan Fashion Week, made out of diligence, love and hope.